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About Us

Fides was born from the innovative vision of entrepreneurs Luis Fernando Franceschini and Marcos Oliveira. Our journey, built on strong principles and strategic foresight, is a testament to our dedication to the future of mining and the sustainable use of natural resources, establishing the company as a key player in the evolving landscape of global demand for strategic minerals.

Merger of Law Firms

This journey began in 2011, with the combination of Oliveira's experience in public and regulatory law, and Franceschini's experience in mergers and acquisitions.

Economic-financial consultancy

Starting in 2013, the entrepreneurs expanded their scope of activities by establishing an economic-financial consultancy to support their initial ventures in the mining and infrastructure sectors.

Start of Fides operations

By merging their expertise, Marcos and Franceschini launched Fides in 2013, establishing it as a leading force in mining projects, encompassing everything from geological research to project development. Today, we boast strategic alliances and joint ventures with top-tier global companies.

We are a mining projects powerhouse, covering all stages from geological research to project development. Today, we boast strategic alliances and joint ventures with top-tier global companies.

Guiding principles

Fides finds its purpose at the crossroads of natural resource scarcity and the emergence of new technological needs, envisioning a future where the strategic importance of minerals reshapes global geopolitical dynamics.

Our mission

Fides' mission is to acquire and utilize natural resources from the earth and beneath the surface.


Our vision

Fides envisions that the growing demand for sustainable use of natural resources will increase the value and attractiveness of unknown or underused assets.

Our values

Fides values honesty, empathy, a respect for science, ethics, and morality.


Fides 5 Pillars

These are the five pillars that support our value proposition

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Technology and inovation

We conduct precise and efficient research and exploration of mineral resources, guaranteeing the viability and sustainability of our projects.

We adopt sustainable practices that minimize impacts and contribute to the preservation of natural resources.

We employ cutting-edge solutions that allow us to be at the forefront in efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the mining sector.

Our experts develop robust economic and financial analyses that enable us to make strategic investments and maximize value for all stakeholders.

We maintain legal compliance and operational excellence to ensure responsible and comprehensive conduct in the mining industry.

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