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Our Team

Fides has developed its business model around five fundamental pillars: technical-geological, economic-financial, legal-regulatory, environmental, as well as technology and innovation. This multidisciplinary approach is what currently sets Fides apart in the Brazilian mining landscape. Each member of the leadership team brings over two decades of experience from renowned companies, ensuring a comprehensive and profound understanding of the industry.

Luis Fernando Franceschini

Lawyer, businessman, founding partner of Fides Mining, Cerrado Asset and Vallya. Franceschini has a PhD in International Economic Law from USP.

Marco Túlio Naves  Technical-Geological

Geologist with more than three decades of professional experience, holding leadership positions in large and medium-sized mining companies in Australia, Canada, Chile and Brazil.

Roque Coelho
  Exploration Director 

Geologist, master in Economic Geology from the University of Brasília, with 2 MBAs and several specializations, accumulating more than 25 years of experience in Geosciences in Brazil and the Americas.

Marcos Oliveira 

Co-founder at Cerrado Asset, Vallya and Franceschini Oliveira Advogados. Marcos leads a team of top lawyers who support Fides projects.

Adriano Pinho Economic-Financial

Civil engineer with extensive experience in the airport sector and infrastructure projects.

Alexandre Ywuata
Technology and Innovation

Master and PhD in Statistics, he was Special Secretary for Productivity and Competitiveness at the Ministry of Economy.

Paula Zimmer
Head of ESG

Head of Sustainability at Fides Mining. Certified in Corporate Sustainability from NYU Stern School of Business.

Larissa Wachholz
Investor Relations

Business and international relations executive with recognized expertise in the Chinese market.

João Pedro Cortez
apital Structuring

Economist responsible for raising more than 5 billion reais in resources and shareholdings.

Kellen Rocha
​Financial, Auditing and Compliance

Postgraduate in Statistics and Financial Management. Responsible for financial planning, auditing and compliance.

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